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The Story Of How My Family Got Our Dog

My family has a dog that is two years old right now, there is a long story of how we got him. My uncle does real estate and he had a worker working for him at a house and he decided to bring his dogs with him. The worker was pretty careless of the dogs and let them roam free without a leash. The dogs escaped and one of them got hit by a car and needed surgery. The worker couldnt afford the surgery and got arrested for having drugs in his car. My uncle told one of my aunts, who loves dogs, and her and my brother took care of the surgery. After the surgery was done we had to find a place for the dog to go, my aunt already had 3 dogs and didnt want another so my brother took him. We have had this dog for 2 years and he has some development issues because he is a runt, but right now he is very healthy and we are taking great care of him.